I wonder if moving to a new country was right. I was looking for greener pastures, better career, more oxygen, cleaner water and wider roads! Plot twist…the pastures were not green but white, covered in snow.

Coming from a land of eternal sunshine, the first months in the land of snow were tough. My optimism got a frostbite, all I wanted to do was to fly back home. But there was no “home”, unless I build a new one. The journey did not end at the airport with my arrival to the new country. It had just begun.

First I lost comfort of familiarity, then my ego and my confidence. I wish I lose some weight too (your body burns more calories to stay warm in extreme cold). I started looking for job opportunities and was politely turned down by the robots in recruitment. Worse, I could neither thank the human resources nor find out why I was turned down because all email ids were

To be continued…

Solitude ˈsɒlɪtjuːd/: the state or situation of being alone.

IMG_2760Its a therapy for the soul.

We have made this world a fast paced, competitive, aggressive race. We rarely take a moment to see where the race track is leading to or to truly understand what the race is all about.

The race is mostly about the preset goals of the community/society. As long as one works towards running this race, she/he will be confined by the limitations of a herd mentality.

In my short experience on this planet Earth, I have realized that those who influenced the course of history, have invariably deviated from the race track. They took the road less traveled! Such human beings have a vision because they dare to look up ahead to see where the race track is leading to.

Solitude, on a regular basis cleanses the soul. The sense of calm and clarity that you experience cannot be replaced by the humdrum of daily grind. It is this calmness that reveals to you the priority of your goals and ambitions, you dreams and vision.

All that truly matters is- Are you happy doing what you do? We will never succeed pursuing borrowed dreams & goals.

What you eat, what your wear, where you go holidaying, how you spend your free time, how much money you make, how big your house is, etc, is dictated and controlled by the sales and marketing team of some major retail store & of course the people you voted to take care your Country. It is further influenced by the people you choose to let into your lives. Choose wisely!

Pause, look up, reflect, reassess, are you on the right race track?